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Curly Hair Cuts

Many people with curly hair may feel intimidated to go to the salon to have their hair cut. There is an art to cutting and coloring curly hair, and you want to be sure that your stylist understands this art.

At Lisa Marie Owens Salon we specialize in Dry Cutting. A dry cut is a type of haircut done on dry hair— a method preferred by many with curly, kinky and wavy hair. A dry cut is done on completely or mostly dry hair in order to give the stylist a clear picture of what the cut will look like when hair is not wet. When hair is saturated with water, curls and waves often change shape. By analyzing the hair in its natural state you get the best results for your curls.


Ben came into the salon looking to have his long curly hair cut. His hair was becoming difficult to manage, and he wanted to take off some of the length while maintaining his characteristic style.

before before

after after

If you need a skilled stylist to give you great cut for your curly hair come in for a consultation with Lisa Marie today!


Lisa Marie Owens Salon

610 Lucerne Ave

Lake Worth, FL 33460

(561) 585-8219


We Love NEUMA!

You may have noticed we highlight our NEUMA products often. We really just could not love this company and their product line more! NEUMA products not only provide great results, they do so without harmful ingredients!

Many companies hide behind words like “fragrance”, but NEUMA provides a full ingredient disclosure.  Why are fragrances harmful? The word “fragrance” covers over 5,000 known chemical substances. Only 1,500 have yet to be tested for safety – over 850 are known carcinogens, neurotoxins, asthma instigators, etc. By using only healthy essential oils, NEUMA can be truly transparent about every ingredient in their products.

NEUMA is a sustainable company, because like Lisa Marie Owens Salon, they believe that our choices matter.

“Sustainability is the post-modern word for ethics – decisions that support a healthy economy, community and environment – altering our society & organizations so that we live within nature’s limits. Future generations depend on us to care for everything around us so they wont have to pay the price of our present-day actions, or worse inaction.”
(from the NEUMA website)

Here are a few of the many reasons Lisa Marie Owens chooses to be a NEUMA Salon:

Renewable, beneficial plant-based ingredients.

Free of synthetic fragrances, synthetic aroma chemicals, artificial dyes, and all known carcinogens, neurotoxins, and skin sensitizers.

Full disclosure of all ingredients used and transparency in label claims.


Never tested on animals.

90% post consumer recycled HDPE bottles.

If you are looking for a South Florida NEUMA Salon, come visit us at Lisa Marie Owens Salon.

We love NEUMA! We love NEUMA!

Lisa Marie Owens Salon
610 Lucerne Ave Lake Worth, FL 33460


Neuma Styling Clay

Neuma Styling Clay

Neuma Styling Clay is one of the best defining products for a hip short and messy hairstyle. Whether you are shaping a mohawk, fauxhawk, or rocking out a spiky ‘do, this stuff is perfection in a claypaste! This styling clay will hold your style all day, with the added benefit that it is non-greasy and not too sticky, and it won’t weigh your hair down.

Neuma Styling Clay is great for long hair styles as well, including ponytails and braids. It holds down the fly-aways and gives hair a slick look. Rub a small amount into your hands until the product becomes clear and workable, then swipe it through your hair to create a tidy braid.

Neuma uses only renewable beneficial plant-based ingredients that leave your hair looking and feeling more beautiful. Neuma uses only renewable beneficial plant-based ingredients that leave your hair looking and feeling more beautiful.

We love Neuma because they are a sustainable brand, using quality ingredients with zero synthetic fragrances, sulfates, aluminum compounds, carcinogens, or environmental pollutants.

We carry the  Styling Clay in our salon boutique as well many other great products from the Neuma line.

Come into Lisa Marie Owens Salon next time you visit South Florida and check out our collection of quality hair care products!

Lisa Marie Owens Salon
610 Lucerne Ave Lake Worth Florida, 33460



At Lisa Marie Owens Salon we just love Pureology products and always keep our shelves stocked with this great brand.

We just received our shipment of COLOUR FANATIC‘ Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier for Color-Treated Hair.

This small bottle does a big job, providing 21 Essential Benefits  to prime, protect, and perfect your locks.

COLOUR FANATIC combines their AntiFadeComplex with Fennel Seed extract and a natural blend of camelina, coconut and olive oil.

This daily leave-in hair treatment protects and strengthens for longer-lasting, perfect-looking color.

Another reason we adore this product is that it is COMPLETELY FREE OF Salt, Parabens, Colorants, Drying Alcohols, Mineral Oil & DEA.

Pureology Palm Beach ‘COLOUR FANATIC’ Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier for Color-Treated Hair

Next time you visit Palm Beach stop by the salon and ask us if this product is right for your specific hair needs!

Check out the list of 21 benefits below!


Hair Color Protection
Leave In Conditioner
Hair Detangler Spray
Blow Dry Spray for Quick Drying
Moisturizer for Dry Hair
Low Porosity Hair Care
Weightless Conditioner
Hair Cutting Lotion


Split End Treatment & Prevention
Hair Breakage Treatment from Daily Brushing & Combing
Hair Fiber Product
Repair and Protect Heat Damaged Hair
Shields Hair Against Environmental Damage


Hair Smoothing Treatment
Silky Hair Treatment
Seals Hair Cuticle
Hair Moisturizer Spray for Reduced Dryness
Anti Frizz Hair Spray
Reduces Hair Static
Hair Refresher Spray for Restyling
Hair Shine Treatment

Lisa Marie Owens Salon
610 Lucerne Ave
Lake Worth, FL 33460


Palm Beach Salon Owner participating in Miami Beauty Show

Palm Beach Salon Owner participating in Miami Beauty Show

Lisa Marie Owens Workshops International Beauty Show Miami Lisa Marie Owens Workshops International Beauty Show Miami

Lisa Marie Owens, stylist and salon owner is a featured workshop presenter at the International Miami Beauty show August  29 and 30th at the Miami Beach Convention Center.   The Miami Beauty Show features workshops by Brig Van Osten, winner of Bravo TV’s Shear Genius 3 as well as other well known beauty industry giants.

Lisa Marie Owens will be presenting two workshops; the first covers one of her salon specialties, Color.  The second is on perfecting the trendy fashionable Updo. The workshops are $125 and registration is available online at

Ms. Owens’ is a Loreal Educator for South Florida, teaching other salon owners and stylists the latest in color, cuts and techniques. She furthered her coloring skills while working at Frederick Fekkai in Palm Beach.  Her work is featured on the Breakers Palm Beach Wedding website, and has been seen in Florida Bride, Vive, Closer Magazine, City Link, and the New Times.

Lisa Marie Owens’ salon is located in Art Deco downtown Lake Worth at 610 Lucerne Avenue.

For additional information, please contact Peter Meyerhoefer at 305-281-0556 or Lisa Marie Owens at 561-585-8219.

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