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Curly Hair Cuts

Many people with curly hair may feel intimidated to go to the salon to have their hair cut. There is an art to cutting and coloring curly hair, and you want to be sure that your stylist understands this art.

At Lisa Marie Owens Salon we specialize in Dry Cutting. A dry cut is a type of haircut done on dry hair— a method preferred by many with curly, kinky and wavy hair. A dry cut is done on completely or mostly dry hair in order to give the stylist a clear picture of what the cut will look like when hair is not wet. When hair is saturated with water, curls and waves often change shape. By analyzing the hair in its natural state you get the best results for your curls.


Ben came into the salon looking to have his long curly hair cut. His hair was becoming difficult to manage, and he wanted to take off some of the length while maintaining his characteristic style.

before before

after after

If you need a skilled stylist to give you great cut for your curly hair come in for a consultation with Lisa Marie today!


Lisa Marie Owens Salon

610 Lucerne Ave

Lake Worth, FL 33460

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