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Hooded Dryers for Curly Hair Styles

Yesterday we discussed our method of dry cutting curly hair to achieve a great shape by analyzing the hair’s natural state.

Today we wanted to celebrate the hooded dryer, and the benefits it offers our clients with curly hair.

an early hair dryer an early hair dryer

A hooded hair dryer is exactly what it sounds like – a hair dryer in the form of a hood.
A hooded hair dryer is different from a normal handheld blowdryer in that it gently circulates warm air, rather than blasting a jet of heat out of a nozzle; it offers an all over and even dispersion of heat for drying your hair and setting professional looking hairstyles.

Hooded dryers work well for curly hair styles because they work like a diffuser, allowing the hair to dry


Clients enjoy the dryers because they can sit back and relax while the hair is gently dried. The even dispersion of the heat helps reduce breakage associated with handheld blowdryers, helping to further reduce frizz.

Curly Hair Styles, South Florida Long-time client, Sue Stevens, enjoys relaxing under the Hooded Dryer

Hooded Dryers are also fun because they have that characteristic vintage salon look:
south florida hair salon Katherine found this funky retro dryer on a recent trip to Charleston, South Carolina


If you are looking for a stylist who understands the art of making curly hair look fabulous come visit

Lisa Marie Owens Salon to discuss your unique hair needs.


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