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New Years Eve in Palm Beach

A fun style will set the mood for a great party! Let’s Celebrate!

New Year’s Eve is upon us and its time to decide what party you will attend and what you’re going to wear.

It’s also time to decide what you’re going to do with your hair!

You can set the mood for a fun night with a great hairstyle.

The Countdown Begins! The Countdown Begins!

A lot of people are having themed parties this year. Why not match your hair to the theme?

Lisa Marie specializes in retro styling.

If you were invited to a Great Gatsby themed party come see Lisa Marie to get the best Daisy Buchanan style in South Florida!

Book your appointment now,and bring us your ideas for a fun hairstyle that will make this a memorable New Years Eve in Palm Beach!

Lisa Marie Owens Salon

610 Lucerne Ave

Lake Worth, FL 33460



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