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Thinking of bringing new product called Eufora to my Lake Worth Florida Salon – Lisa Marie Owens!

New product testing Lisa Marie Owens Salon Lake Worth Florida Eufora

New product testing Lisa Marie Owens Salon Lake Worth Florida Eufora

I was traveling in New Hampshire and thanks to Wendee Glick I came across an all natural cruelity free hair product called Eufora.  I am going to test out this green product in my Lake Worth Salon.  Eufora hair products utilize Aloe Vera Gel as their secret beauty ingrediant.  Come visit my salon Lisa Marie Owens in Lake Worth Florida to find out when you can purchase eufora and other great hair products.


A personal invitation to Lisa Marie Owens Salon – downtown Lake Worth

Two months ago I took over one of the oldest salons in Lake Worth Florida from the late Lawrence Workman aka Lawrence Hair Design. This is my first time renovating and it’s been a lot of fun. Thanks to Lawrence the salon came with that old downtown Lake Worth retro charm. I have taken the best of the old and updated it with my own healing zen harmony. My salon that I have named Lisa Marie Owens says it all. It is quaint, peaceful and personal. I look forward to seeing you.

Lisa Owens

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