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Violet Shampoo

Our blond clients often ask how they can maintain their fresh color, as over time the color can become yellowed and brassy.

One simple and inexpensive way to combat brassy tones is by using violet shampoo.

Violet Shampoo Violet Shampoo is just that-        VIOLET shampoo!

Violet is exactly opposite from yellow on the color wheel, which is why it cools the gold/brassy tones down.

Violet Shampoo Yellow and Purple are opposite on the color wheel.

Blonds and those with blond highlights who use violet shampoo tend be happier with their color for a longer period of time.

violet shampoo Jean Harlow rocked the platinum.


It is best to alternate use of violet shampoo with your other favorite shampoo. For instance, if you like to use a volumizing or moisturizing shampoo you can cycle the violet shampoo into your hair care regimen for a holistic approach.

If you’re all over blonde, apply a good amount of violet shampoo to the root and let it run out through the ends as you lather and rinse. Typically the top of your hair is more golden/brassy, while the ends are more porous. Just let it drizzle through the ends and they will catch the color.

Leave the violet shampoo on a minute or two if you’re just fighting a minimal amount of brass. If your hair gets really yellow, let it sit on for 5 min.

If you have a medicated scalp shampoo or just a shampoo that you can’t live without, you can always shampoo twice– once using your regular shampoo to get your hair clean or your scalp taken care of and then once with the violet to tone.

Our favorite brand of Violet Shampoo is Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum.

violet shampoo Our Favorite Violet Shampoo: Perfect 4 Platinum by Pureology

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